Note: At the time of the production of the above video, the Posture Trainer was in patent pending status. It has since been awarded patents. Patent #8,596,717 (1 of 3)


"Correcting Incorrect Posture One Back at a Time"

Do you suffer from headaches and/or back and neck pain? Do you sit by the computer for hours at a time? There is a solution to your problems!

The revolutionary Posture Trainer (PT) is the only product of its kind that allows the user to sit “pain-free” in an optimal functional manner for hours at a time. It corrects incorrect posture by eliminating or greatly reducing forward head and forward shoulder posture, which are the main culprits of back and neck pain as well as a whole array of very significant health-related issues.

“Optimal Functional Seated Posture (OFSP)” is essential to maintaining good health, emotional well-being, and even increasing one’s life expectancy, yet it is impossible to maintain for any length of time, without the proper support mechanism being in place. To believe anything else is simply wishful thinking!

On the other hand, poor seated posture has a harmful effect on all of the above and is responsible for spinal dysfunction and degeneration and excruciating back and neck pain. This has a carry-over negative effect on erect posture, which can clearly be seen all around us and is reaching epidemic proportions.

Up until now, there has been no effective way to deal with seated posture in an optimal functional manner for the extended periods of time that our lifestyle requires.

The PT utilizes a similar technology to that which is used in dealing with “tension and compression” in building expansion bridges. In similar fashion, the PT deals with the tension and compression that occurs in poor posture due to a reverse curve (that weakens the structure of the spine) by initially supporting the Thoracic spine (the longest portion of the spine) and relieving the tension and compression through its revolutionary “patented air-flow design.”

This technology gently elongates the spine and drives the air towards the sacrum (the strongest portion of the spine), placing it in an optimal functional position that restores the strength, elasticity, and structural integrity of the entire spine.

It allows the user to focus on their work and not have to be burdened and fatigued by focusing on their posture, ultimately making the user more comfortable, productive, and pain-free! This is reason why the Posture Trainer is so therapeutically effective and an absolute necessity in today’s modern world!

Here’s what makes the Posture Trainer Back Support Pillow so different and so much more effective than any other back support on the market:

  • Patented air-flow system employs a completely new paradigm in back support technology.
  • Revolutionary design comfortably supports the unique shape of each user’s “entire” back, while simultaneously providing “gentle resistance” and lengthening the spine, restoring postural alignment and structural integrity. As a result, back and neck pain is alleviated!
  • Air Valve allows the user to inflate or deflate the support to individual comfort level and preferences.
  • Made in the USA by the same manufacturer of the Bosu Ball.
  • Built to last a lifetime!

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Dr. Jeffrey Larkin - Chiropractor

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Patient/User Testimonials

It is amazing! I have no more headaches, my back isn’t killing me… I feel great again!

Wow, that’s amazing! I felt a huge difference in the area where I have my two herniated discs.

This product has really helped me where now I don't have back pain!