The Posture Trainer Story

One day, I walked into Dr. Larkin’s office experiencing excruciating pain in my back and neck. It was as a result of one of those weeks where the stress from my business had taken its toll on my entire body. I felt fatigued and sore all over!

Dr. Larkin, or Jeff as I refer to him, walked into the room, smiled, and asked me what was my complaint du jour. I told him that the pressures of the business and slumping in my chair for 4-6 hours a day had caused my back and neck to go out again. Over the years Jeff and I had built a friendship in which we discussed just about everything under the sun that had anything to do with the medical field and the healing arts.

Dr Larkin was aware of the fact that I was a pre-med/biology student in college and that even though my business was not directly connected with the medical field, I was still an avid reader of medical books and spent countless hours scouring the Internet, researching new techniques and advances in medicine.

Back to the story…Dr. Larkin placed a warm compress under my neck and went out of the room to treat the patient in the other room. As I lay in the room, writhing in pain and staring at the ceiling, I said to myself that there had to be a better way to build a back support that would treat the cause as well as the symptoms and could put an end to the excruciating pain I was experiencing.

Suddenly, a light bulb went off in my head and I came to the conclusion that most chairs and back supports have it all wrong, because they are generally concave (offering little or no support), tend to only treat the lumbar spine, and do practically nothing to restore proper posture. Over the years I had tried a countless number of back supports, offering all kind of gimmicks, but none of them did much, if anything to “alleviate pain,” let alone, correct the reason for the problem in the first place.

By the time Dr. Larkin walked back into the room to treat me, I already had a prototype designed in my mind. I described my idea to Dr. Larkin and explained that it would not only support the lumbar spine, but the thoracic as well. He responded by saying, “Hmm, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything like that before. That’s a great idea!”

My first prototype was made out of paper-mache and styrofoam, but it was too hard to actually sit on and there was no way to tell whether the air-flow design I had imagined, actually worked. I then sought out designers and manufacturers to determine the best way to fabricate my design and to find the right material to conform to the specifications of my air-flow design. The material had to create just the right tension to gently support and lengthen the spine and above all, it had to be comfortable! Furthermore, it had to be adjustable and contain a valve, so that the user could add or remove air from the support to create just the right tension—A tall order by any standard!

It’s taken me almost three years, including numerous consultations with Dr. Larkin, to perfect the Posture Trainer. As a result, I’ve refined the original design and added a few bells and whistles; to create what Dr. Larkin and I feel is the perfect back support! There are no gimmicks to the Posture Trainer. It is based in science—and most importantly it works, because “it alleviates back and neck pain!” Numerous users have testified to the efficacy of the Posture Trainer. Please view our testimonial page to see for yourself.

I wish you GOOD HEALTH and hope that you receive as much pain relief from your Posture Trainer as I have from mine!

Gordon GlyckInventor, Posture Trainer