The revolutionary Posture Trainer (PT) is the only product of its kind that allows the user to sit “pain-free” in an optimal functional manner for hours at a time. It corrects incorrect posture by eliminating or greatly reducing forward head and forward shoulder posture, which are the main culprits of back and neck pain as well as a whole array of very significant health-related issues. Additionally, the patented airflow design and air valve allows the user to customize the support to their specific comfort level and preferences.

“Optimal Functional Seated Posture (OFSP)” is essential to maintaining good health, emotional well-being, and even increasing one’s life expectancy, yet it is impossible to maintain for any length of time, without the proper support mechanism being in place. To believe anything else is simply wishful thinking!

The cumulative effect of slumped sitting posture over an extended period of time can lead to severe back and neck pain, spinal dysfunction/degeneration, and very significant health related issues that can effect every organ and system in the body. The Posture Trainer is designed to treat all of these issues and has been perfected over the course of 6 years of extensive product development and testing.

The PT utilizes a similar technology to that which is used in dealing with “tension and compression” in building expansion bridges. In similar fashion to an expansion bridge, the PT deals with the tension and compression that occurs in poor posture due to a reverse curve (that weakens the structure of the spine) by initially supporting the Thoracic spine (the longest portion of the spine) and relieving the tension and compression through its revolutionary “patented air-flow design.” This technology gently elongates the spine and drives the air towards the sacrum (the strongest portion of the spine), placing it in an optimal functional position that restores the strength, elasticity, and structural integrity of the entire spine.


The Posture Trainer Back Support Pillow is an incredibly effective drug-free solution in reducing or totally eliminating back and neck pain when used correctly! To that effect, the first thing that the user must understand is that the Posture Trainer is intended to be relaxed into; allowing the chest to expand, the shoulders to retract, and the neck and spine to return to optimal alignment. (Please see below for additional details.)



The majority of the users adapt very quickly to the Posture Trainer, however, a few users may find it difficult to adjust initially because they have become so entrenched in their incorrect posture that being placed into proper alignment may seem foreign at first to them. To those users, all that we ask is that you hang in there. You will be rewarded for your patience!




Take it slow initially—and only use the Posture Trainer for 10 to 15 minutes at a time for the first couple of weeks to allow your body to make a smooth transition in maintaining proper alignment, while in a seated position. It’s amazing how many users eventually say, “They don’t know how they were able to live without it!” The Posture Trainer is intended strictly as an adjunct to Medical, Chiropractic, and Physical Therapy care.

In general, Posture Trainers come inflated by the manufacturer at the optimal level of inflation for most users, however, optimal inflation is dependent upon each users’ particular condition and comfort level. If you tend to have a rigid back, you may want to deflate the Posture Trainer slightly initially to make adjusting to the back support easier. Likewise, for users with a weak or less rigid back, you may want to inflate it slightly to feel more resistance.

The Posture Trainer can be inflated with a basketball or football pump by placing the needle in the valve at the lower end of the back support and pumping air into it. To deflate the Posture Trainer, simply place just the pump needle into the valve and squeeze the Posture Trainer to let out air to the desired pressure level.

The Posture Trainer is manufactured in the USA and is built to last a lifetime.