Posture Trainer Testimonials

The Posture Trainer back support is the first product I have found and used that has enabled me to sit for long periods in a comfortable position. I suffer from chronic back pain and this product has helped tremendously. Being small in stature, the back support assists me in sitting in a proper, comfortable position. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this product. Finally, something that actually works!

Thank you,
Frances G MS, RT(R) (CT) (MR) (CV) ARRT
Chair and Associate Professor
Department of Radiological Sciences

Many people sit all day either at work or at home, most often in front of a computer with their head down. This head forward position has a truly adverse effect on the posture. This can lead to chronic neck and back pain. By utilizing the Posture Trainer Back Support the user can easily transition into a relaxation position (Brugger’s Relaxation Position), to get an instant change of posture and muscle tone. By performing this simple posture correction 10 to 20 seconds every hour using the Posture Trainer Back Support you may actually aid in the correction of these common chronic neck and back complaints

Joel Angyal D.C.
Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist
Cliffside Park, NJ

I am 57 yrs. old and I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis over ten years ago. I had to retire from work because my balance was making me a safety risk. I use a walker religiously to get around. Going from a sitting position to a standing position is a constant effort. Keeping my spine posture correct is very important. I constantly find myself slouching while I am sitting making getting up to a standing position that much more difficult.

The Posture Trainer forces me to comfortably sit up straight maintaining a correct spine angle and facilitating my efforts to get into a strong standing position.

John Fitzgerald
Florham Park, NJ

I first spoke to the inventor of the Posture Trainer several years ago when he first envisioned the concept for his back support. Shortly afterwards he presented me with a prototype he had made out of paper mache and styrofoam to illustrate the shape of the back support. His design was different from most other back supports because it focused initially on the thoracic spine and worked its way into the lumbar spine; creating an orthotic effect that conformed to the unique shape of each user’s spine.

It was evident that he had invented a new paradigm in back support technology, but it was not possible to test the air-flow design at that time. Recently, he came to my office with the perfected model of his support. The air-flow system is incredibly comfortable and puts the spine, neck, and jaw into perfect alignment–while at the same time lengthening and supporting the spine in a gentle, non-intrusive way. His support is like no other I have tried.

I have offered it to my support staff and patients–and they love it! The Posture Trainer is backed in science, as it emulates Brugger’s Position. In today’s world, in which most of the modern amenities we enjoy are based in forward shoulder, forward head posture, the Posture Trainer is a must have to reduce the harmful effects of hyperkyphosis. I highly recommend it!

Wayne Gibbons, Doctor of Chiropractic; Licensed Acupuncturist
Rochelle Park, NJ

This testimonial comes from a woman whose mother had suffered a major stroke. Her mother’s Physical Therapists were amazed at the help it has offered her mother.

OMG! I introduced the Posture Trainer to my mother’s Physical Therapists and my mother’s been using it after she gets in her chair. They love it! I gave them the web site. My mother loves it as well, once it is affixed securely to the seat. I believe that they have a whole new population to sell to in stroke victims.

Lisa Cohan Aronow
Toms River, NJ

I endorse the Posture Trainer, because it is well constructed and I really like the distribution of force throughout the entire spine. I treat a lot of elderly patients with breathing problems and balance problems and I can see them using the Posture Trainer as part of their treatment.

Eric Braverman, MD
New York, NY

I’m writing to you as I am sitting at my dining room table with the Posture Trainer. The very first time I used the Posture Trainer was while playing bridge. It was the first time that I experienced no discomfort at all while being seated for a prolonged period of time. Normally, I would develop a backache and have to change positions or switch to a different chair.

I told my husband about the Posture Trainer and he insisted on testing it out for himself. I must confess that we have been married for 58 years and have certainly had our share of arguments and disputes over some pretty unusual things, but never over a product, which sells itself. I heartily endorse the Posture Trainer and thank you for the opportunity to use it!

With much thanks,
Lorraine W.
Pembroke Pines, FL 33027

The old adage of being at the right place at the right time surely worked for me. I am a Chiropractic Assistant, and I was introduced to the Posture Trainer at a Chiropractic Convention. I am truly blessed in the fact that I am in a wheelchair for only a few months. I broke my heel, which is a painful and debilitating break, leaving me to use either a walker or a wheelchair.

When in the wheelchair, the Posture Trainer does more than give me better posture and less back strain– It also causes my back to lend strength to my pelvis, and in turn my legs, ankles, and feet. There is an exceptional quality of air- flow. It truly helps in “total” alignment. I was concerned that the Posture Trainer would cause heat to my back, but it has done the opposite.

I look forward to healing from this break, turning my wheelchair in, and transferring the Posture Trainer to my office chair. If you are like most of us, your chair at work is not the most ergonomically correct (even in a chiropractor’s office). I am thinking about getting Posture Trainers for my family for Christmas gifts this year.

I don’t know anyone who could not use more strengthening of the back, elongating of the spine, and a more pleasant experience while sitting at their desk at work. Thank you for allowing me to share my Posture Trainer experience. It has certainly been a great one.

Kate Russell
Chiropractic Assistant
Richmond, VA

I’m a ninety-four years old woman in good physical shape for my age. I watch what I eat, exercise regularly, am fully mobile, and drive myself to the store and to meet with family on a weekly basis. Nonetheless, I still suffer from the unavoidable age-related aches and pains in my back. Since using the Posture Trainer I have experienced a dramatic reduction in pain. I find the Posture Trainer to be far and above the most comfortable product I have ever used to support my back. Additionally, it completely eliminates any slouching and when I get up after using it, I feel taller, because my spine has been brought back into proper alignment. I just want to say Thank You—You’ve got yourselves a winner!

Greta K.
Miami Beach, Florida

I have been working as a physical therapist for the past 15 years. I spend all day on my feet standing while working on my patients. In the evening, I sit on a chair at my kitchen table to go over my administrative paper work. As a result of the rigors my back goes through in the course of a day, my lower back feels ‘tired, sore, and stiff.’ I have been using The Posture Trainer for eight weeks. It’s amazing! The air- flow system allows an even distribution of pressure that places my entire back in an ideal biomechanical position.

The Posture Trainer fills in the gap between the back of the chair and my spine in such a way as to provide a comfortable support that other supports have failed to provide. As a result of using the Posture Trainer, I find myself being pain-free and having considerably more energy to handle all the tasks I take on in the course of the day. I highly recommend The Posture Trainer as both a prophylactic and palliative device as a way of not only healing but also educating individuals as to the importance of proper posture in everyday life.

Justin Solotoff, MSPT – Columbia University
Owner, Fairfield Physical Therapy
Montville, NJ

Thank you for making a product that helps support the entire back. I work at an acupuncture office and sit most of the day. Needless to say, by the end of the day my lower back and shoulders hurt. I started using the Posture Trainer a week ago and see a difference in such a short period of time. It helps with support of your lower, upper back, and your posture. My co-workers and I share the same desk space throughout the day, it is amazing how it conforms to all of our different shapes. Many thanks for developing a great product!

Irene T.
Rochelle Park, NJ

I am a retired schoolteacher living in a senior citizen development in South Florida. I keep myself busy playing card games and Scrabble, with my friends. We sit for long periods of time. The pain and discomfort in our arthritic and stenosis backs increases as the day progresses. By using the Posture Trainer I find myself sitting erect and putting less strain and pain on my spine. I am the envy of my friends. They all take turns using what they refer to as the “Magic Pillow.” My back and I thank you for designing this product. I’m sure many other back sufferers using this product will get the same wonderful results.

Barbara Rothman
Pembroke Pines, FL 33027

Recently, my life literally changed when I was introduced to the Posture Trainer. My work as a writer requires that I sit at a computer for long periods of time. I often become so immersed in the tasks at hand, that I forget my posture. As a result, I tend to develop severe soreness in my lumbar spine, which impedes my ability to walk properly.

Within a matter of seconds after using the Posture Trainer, my spine felt completely aligned. Since then, there has been a noticeable increase in my productivity level. Not only has my posture improved, but I also feel more energetic. It is incredible how a simple looking device such as the Posture Trainer can have a nearly instantaneous, positive impact on one’s life.

Helena I. Szollos
Raleigh, North Carolina

In 1993, I had a Spinal Chord Injury and was paralyzed from the neck down. Since then, I have gotten some movement back in my four limbs and can drive and work 10 – 12 hours on a daily basis. Over the past few years, I have gained weight because I am working more. As a result, I have been throwing out my back a lot and have developed two herniated discs.

I was handed a Posture Trainer by my Physical Therapist and have been using it over the past few weeks. The first time my Physical Therapist put it behind my back, I immediately felt a huge difference in the area where I have the two herniated discs and I had a huge smile on my face. I said to myself, “Wow, that feels so much better! That’s a huge difference from slouching in my usual unorthodox manner!”

It’s unbelievable, just to be able to sit up straight and be able to remove some of the pressure I feel on a regular basis. I highly recommend the Posture Trainer!

Wayne Miles
Fairfield, NJ

I am a chronic back pain sufferer. I regularly receive pain mitigation treatments through a specialist physician, which are almost as painful as they are expensive. I have also tried many over the counter and even prescription back support devices and none have achieved any level of pain reduction, with some even exacerbating the problem.

However, I was lucky enough to obtain the Posture Trainer and this simple device has literally transformed my life. Although I still suffer from some back pain while performing my physical work tasks, I look forward everyday to returning to my office to enjoy the comfort that the Posture Trainer offers me while sitting in my office chair. I now am able to spend as much time as I need in my office chair completing the paperwork I would have previously dread because of the necessity of being in the seated position for prolonged periods.

The Posture Trainer has an amazing ability to conform to my back, molding itself in such a way that no matter which way I position myself I feel totally supported. An unexpected perk to the Posture Trainer, despite the obviousness of its name is that I am finding myself standing straighter while not even using the device. I have received several comments from friends and family that I seem taller and I use every one of these opportunities to express my gratitude for the Posture Trainer.

In summation, I am extremely satisfied with the Posture Trainer and despite generally being very cynical about products such as these and their claims; the Posture Trainer comes through where other similar products that I have tried have failed.

With Sincere Gratitude,
Rodney C.
Middletown, Connecticut

I skeptically tried out the Posture Trainer. I have three bulging disks in my lower back, my disks lock in place in my upper back, and my neck is always in pain. Sitting, even in a good chair, causes me tremendous amounts of pain. There is NO comfortable position for me, except lying down. I wanted to be able to sit at my computer and work, so I tried the Posture Trainer in my office chair. WOW! Finally, I can sit comfortably at my desk. I still can’t sit all day, but now I can sit for 2 – 3 hours at a time. I’ve unsuccessfully tried so many different products and pillows, but this one makes it so I can sit longer and not be overwhelmed by pain when I stand up.

I’ve mostly given up playing guitar. Playing requires me to sit in a chair for 1 – 2 hours at a time, and I haven’t been able to do that because of my back. So, I tried the Posture Trainer on a chair I use for guitar practice. Again, I’m thrilled with relief from pain, and I’m happy to be playing again.

I was worried about going to my church’s men’s retreat because it would require sitting in an uncomfortable chair for 3 hours at a time. I decided to go anyway, but I made sure to pack my Posture Trainer. If I couldn’t sit through the meetings, I would go back to my room and lie down. The chairs were made out of hard plastic. I thought I was doomed. To my great surprise, the Posture Trainer performed above my expectations. I was able to enjoy the meetings and leave without pain.

One final boast for the Posture Trainer…I live in NJ but my dentist is in NYC (I used to live there). I had to run in for an emergency dental procedure. I always dread the trip because the train ride is so uncomfortable. I packed the Posture Trainer in a small backpack and took it with me to New York. I’m so glad I took it for the train ride, because I was finally able to commute with minimal discomfort. I still live in pain, but the Posture Trainer keeps it manageable so I can be productive again. What can I say but, Thank You! You’ve given me part of my life back.
Thank you a million times over,

Ken K.
Randolph, NJ

I work as an administrator of grant proposals at a college in New York. I spend most of my day at a desk working on a computer. The past couple of years I have experienced a constant ache in my lower back. I attribute this pain to the poor ergonomic set up at my workstation at work. Three weeks ago I started using The Posture Trainer. It fits perfectly with the contour of my work chair as well as the curves in my low and mid back. Over the past week, I have noticed that the back pain has subsided and that my overall posture has improved. In addition, I am less fatigued at the end of the day and I don’t fall asleep right away when I get home from work. Other co-workers have inquired how they can go about purchasing one.

Bruce I.
Fairfield, NJ

Thank you for the Posture Trainer back support–I use it every day! I noticed immediately that while using the pillow a) my shoulders relaxed, b) my back stayed in a straight position as opposed to curved forward, c) my neck was better supported by the better posture, d) my back did not ache from sitting improperly (curved forward while sitting without the support), e) the extra support for my back, shoulders and neck made me less physically tired after sitting for a long time. Also, I am actually able to ‘lean back’ while sitting, thus allowing all of the aforementioned areas to relax. I am aware of being more aware of better posture than I was before using the pillow.

Ellen L.

I am a 6′ 4″ Electrical Engineer, who spends 8-12 hours a day working on the computer. I suffer from chronic back and neck tension, which often leads to headaches. My mid-thoracic pain is exacerbated by my poor work posture. I recently began using the Posture Trainer, and after 4 days, I can already feel an improvement in my back and neck tension. When using the Posture Trainer, I am guided into a more upright position, with my lumbar spine supported and my shoulders set back.

It will take a while for my body to adjust to this proper posture, due to years of slouching, but I can already tell I will experience a much less painful work environment. I also wanted to let you know that I tried using the Posture Trainer on a recent plane ride. Being so tall, the concave plane seats, designed for the average height, are extremely uncomfortable. I flipped the Posture Trainer over on the plane seat to take the curve out of the seat. This took the pressure off of my upper back and made the ride much more enjoyable. This is a great product!

Steven S.

Kudos to the Posture Trainer! It is reinforcing my Yoga training and making sitting a pleasure. I am enjoying using it and can’t recommend it enough!! Thanks for designing a great product that will help anyone and, especially, anyone with a back problem.

Carol R.

I always thought I did a good job of keeping good posture when I sit at my desk at work (which I do for 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week) but after using the Posture Trainer I realized how much more improvement it made. I’m a perfectionist, and so it made me very happy!! Not just excited that it will improve my posture for the many hours I sit but it felt amazing on my back, like an air cushion! I forgot it in my car today and can’t believe how much worse my desk chair feels without it. Running out to get it now 🙂

Lorraine C.

I’ve been using struggling with lower back pain for 2 years. I’ve tried expensive chairs, lumbar supports and various pillows and none of these came close to how the Posture Trainer helped me. After 4 days of using the Posture Trainer, my symptoms improved by 50% and by the end of the week, they were almost completely gone. Thanks!

Eric B.
Baskin Ridge

Since I’ve started using the Posture Trainer my neck has never felt better! I used to use a rolled up towel that was uncomfortable and rolled off of my chair every time I got up. Now my back and neck feels great and I’m not constantly bending over to pick the towel off of the floor.

Thank You!
Amy K.

The Posture Trainer is by far better than a simple lumbar pillow, because in addition to the support it provides, it does not allow me to slouch. It also takes pressure off of my sit bones, so that when I get up after sitting, I feel refreshed! I started a new job and the chairs at work are awful. I grew tired and slouchy, but since using the Posture Trainer, the problem has been alleviated. I love this product and want another for the home.